Android operating system is growing rapidly, this will affect the number of users of mobile devices which also continues to increase, so does the level of threat to sensitive data stored on the device. Therefore, a mobile security software that needs it even more important and too many vendors have been providing these solutions, including Kaspersky Lab.

IT security solution providers from Russia has just announced its cooperation with Samsung Electronics. Cooperation that began in October 2011 Kaspersky Lab puts a Golden Member in Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program. Through this partnership, Kaspersky Lab will integrate its products into a variety of Samsung devices.

As part of the Golden Partnership, Kaspersky Lab provides products Kaspersky Mobile Security and Kaspersky Tablet Security to Samsung. Both products are intended to protect all of Samsung’s Android-based devices, both personal and corporate property. This is a high-class security solutions that will protect your personal data, rediscover the device if lost or stolen, call blocking and annoying messages, as well as protecting devices against malware.

In addition to cooperation for mobile devices, Kaspersky Lab also provides a range of security software for PC, notebook, and netbook Samsung that uses the Windows operating system. This security solution offered by Kaspersky Lab for the consumer market, while for the corporate, Kaspersky Lab offers Kaspersky Endpoint Securiy for companies with business models are different.

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